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Books: 2 noteworthy books to understand the big picture in IT

It won’t be a revelation to anybody that IT field / industry facing a sea change these days and we will see a lot of things and the way whole IT industry works transformed in coming decade (as with any changes, even the biggest and inevitable, implementation and proliferation still takes some time in real world).

In face of changes some people complaining, some trying to understand new rules and spot the opportunities. I prefer later option as there is no use in complaining but direct and obvious benefits in understanding of new rules/changes and spotting how to leverage them.

So I think there are 2 very interesting books which I consider as essential if you somehow involved in IT business and your interest goes beyond IT operations to IT strategy and you do care about understanding of a bigger picture. I guess passionate IT laymen find these books enjoyable too…

So books I’m talking about are:

1. Consumption Economics: The New Rules of Tech (Kindle edition available) – I discovered this book through getAbstarct service (which by itself represents an example of changes in progress, though not directly in IT but rather in a way we consume information & trying to cope with information overload). This book gives you an idea how & why IT consumers change their ways and how IT shops can possible address these changes.

2. Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology (Kindle edition available) – This was probably discovered through Amazon recommendations service, though I’m not sure, but anyway it is a real must read. This book is a bit broader in scope than the first one and it clearly shows the enormous extent of changes: we are actually on the verge of entering into the new technological ecosystem where amounts and density of interconnected processors on the planet Earth changes everything – from the opportunities and applications which were unthinkable before to the way we design new things (cars, home appliances etc.)

So I strongly recommend these books as they not only clarify current trends but may help you to come up with new ideas or at least reconsider your old approaches which are about to become obsolete.


Books on applications packaging and deployment

So far I read only one book on applications deployment/packaging – Grinding Gears – Software Repackaging and Deployment for the Windows Platform by David M. Stein, and I can say it’s a good introduction to the world of software packaging. Below you may find my short review of this book which I initially posted on Amazon’s site.

“Author wrote really strong & holistic book which enable reader to grasp variety of ideas, tools and approaches which are used in application packaging. Another good thing about this book is that author combined coverage of nitty-gritty technical details with giving reader an idea how and why these tools and activities may be useful for business and how they fit into a bigger picture. The only one drawback which I can see in this book is that more examples and technical details may be desirable, but probably if author had done it, the book wouldn’t have been so clear and easy to follow.”

I’ve recently spotted 2 other titles which may worth reading for those who are interested in software packaging, these are following:

A Beginners Guide to Software Deployment by Dennis Waldon (Aug 6, 2012)

Deploying and Supporting Applications on 64-bit Windows by Darwin Sanoy (Sep 9, 2012)

All these books available on Kindle and I’ll write short review for them once I’ve read them.

As I see it now there not so many books on this subject, but definitely we see some signs of maturity in this line of IT specialization. If you know any other “good reads” on application packaging please let me know in comments.